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Plunge into the twisted depths of a lunatic's mind, where doctors are now devils dying to perform surgical atrocities on you.

Terror Trail Pass Required (see below)

The Great New Jersey Asylum housed the most precise lobotomy doctors, the most understanding therapists, and the most insane patients. The residents felt like they were treated like prisoners, locked in their empty rooms most of the day and forced to follow strict schedules. They became angry and often looked for ways to riot against the staff.

On a stormy night during a group therapy session, a lightning strike hit the facility and caused a power outage throughout the building. All the lights went dark, computer systems crashed, and automatic room locks opened, giving all the patients a chance to overpower the workers and escape.

The inmates rebelled against the staff, seeking revenge for locking them up in the clinic. They grabbed scalpels and scissors from the operating rooms and roamed the halls of the asylum. Every therapist, doctor, security guard, and staff member was caught and tortured in the dark corridors. The maniacs sliced into their faces and bodies as blood sprayed along the walls and pooled on the floor.

Some staff members died from their pain and wounds, while others were left permanently disfigured. All the murderous psychiatric residents managed to escape to the theme park across the street. Some people believe they still wander the property, searching for “normal” people to attack, dissect, or disfigure.

In the past, guests have wandered the corridors of our very own Asylum and fought through a wave of lunatics as they searched for an escape. But now, in some strange and inexplicable feat of teleportation, when guests walk through the Asylum’s entrance, they will be entering the surreal, nightmarish MIND of a lunatic.

The corridors of this poor soul’s mind are no less labyrinthine than the asylum itself. Guests will find it populated not by lunatics, but by nightmares. Twisted and surreal demons wander the corridors of this nightmare and wish to drag them down into the depths of its stygian darkness forever; into the worst nightmare you could ever imagine and one you can never awake from.

Doctors are now devils wishing to slice and dice and perform surgical atrocities on these trespassers. The faces of any nurses they encounter will be a twisted mound of flesh as if the nurse herself is made entirely from a malevolent and malignant cancer. Every twisted turn and corridor holds a new nightmarish creature! Will they escape the crushing gears of this lunatic’s mind? Or will they forever be trapped?

Terror Trail Pass Required

The attraction requires a Terror Trail Pass which may be purchased prior to your visit from our website. Buy Now