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Fearful Frights


Midnight Mansion

Additional Fee Required

The Mansion of Lord Vincent Fostus is riddled with secret passages, luxurious dusty rooms, and a gathering of ghouls and ghosts here to celebrate a magnificent a life, and even better death. [Read More]


Wicked Woods

Additional Fee Required

In the woods along the bank of the river sits a town forgotten by society, until now. After too many tour busses crashed on route 666, the NSO moved in to quarantine the area that is rumored to be rampant with crazed ... [Read More]


Area 51

Dare to enter a secret underground base hidden below Six Flags New England that’s become Ground Zero for bloodthirsty aliens looking to rid the Earth of humans. Travel with extreme caution and beware of the intergalactic invasion. [Read More]


Tombstone Territory

Who says Westerns need to take place out west? There has been plenty of gunplay, saloon fights and player pianos right here on the very lot where Six Flags New England now stands. The area is rife with rumors of fallen ... [Read More]


Main Street Graveyard

Main Street Graveyard is the rumored home to an ever-growing number of ghosts, ghouls and monsters. Traverse coffins, tombs and other cemetery horrors when you visit the haunted burial ground. [Read More]


Demon District

Experience fright by night as you walk through the dreadfully eerie Demon District where you never know what's lurking behind you. [Read More]


Total Darkness

Additional Fee Required

You will be blinded by darkness as you find your way and face your fears in this all new haunted maze. A simple rope is your only chance to stay together and not get trapped with the other lost souls that haunt these halls. [Read More]


Undead Alley

This is the site where Mayor Slayer emerged from the ground to reign Frightfest. Undead Alley hosts the Zombies who are freshly unearthed to join his army. In this zone, the Necromancer oversees their activity and several ... [Read More]


Showdown at Tombstone Terrortory

Legend has it that many moons ago, the Bandit Brothers were wrongly executed and their ghostly bodies still haunt Tombstone Terrortory each Halloween. However, worry not, as the good Sheriff aims to put these nasty ... [Read More]


Mort’s Used Coffins

Mort is digging up business again, and wants you to be part of the show. Because the only good customer is a dead customer, and dead; now that’s just plain living. [Read More]


Verdict of Sorcery

The town finally has the mysterious Abigale Dickenson in their capture. Witness justice as she is brought to trial for acts of sorcery and witchcraft....if your eyes and soul can bear it! [Read More]


Illusions of Terror

Master Illusionist David Garrity matches wit and magic amongst paranormal puzzles, terrorizing traps, and a masked mystery here to haunt him. [Read More]

Six Flags Magic Mountain


One day while waiting in line for the Pandemonium, two best friends Amy and Aubri, heard someone whispering their names. [Read More]


The Awakening

Mayor Slayer arrives to reign over Frightfest and calls forth demons, monsters, ghosts, and ghouls to join him in celebrating the nightfall. [Read More]

Spine-Chilling Adventures


BATMAN: The Dark Knight

The greatest scientific minds in New England have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting floorless coasters in the world. [Read More]

Fright Fest Creepy Clowns 2011

Terror Twist

Hold on tight as you will experience a sinking, lurking feeling in the pit of your stomach as the clown misfits of Demon District take control. [Read More]


Thunderbolt Siren Song

It may seem like the safest place at the park, but it isn't. Thunderbolt is the home of the Sirens, beautiful, captivating creatures who quickly and painfully suck your brains out. [Read More]


Scream: Zombie Invasion

Beneath Scream rests an ancient zombie burial ground. Dormant until recently, the thousand year old zombies seek to expand their ranks while enjoying a feast of young brains. [Read More]


Pandemonium Cthulhu Surprise

Right below the entrance of Pandemonium a porthole descends to another dimension. What crawls out in the night is stinky, sinewy, and awfully fond of human flesh. [Read More]


Mind Eraser Orc Attack

There is a nest of Orc chefs living beneath Mind Eraser. The delectable culinary creations they create from for our park guests make for fine eating. [Read More]


Flashback Toxic Safari

A secret toxic dump right behind Flashback is producing animals that crave human flesh. Rare. A bowl of shiny eyeballs to pop in their throats, like olives. Soup made from the blood and fluids of thrill-seekers. [Read More]


Lost Souls of Tomahawk

Tomahawk may be one of the most celebrated rides in the world, but it is also the premier residence in the park for angry, disillusioned spirits whose only joy in death is tormenting riders in the most painful ways imaginable. [Read More]


Buzzsaw Insect Infestation

Buzzsaw has become home to millions of man-eating insects who have a particular craving for young flesh. Young skin – once smooth – bubbles, crusts and erupts with sores that itch, ooze, and contaminate. [Read More]


Bizarro Monster Mine

Bizarro sits on land that used to be one of the most profitable gemstone mines in Massachusetts until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to die. The old track has been closed for years, but we're pleased to ... [Read More]


Voodoo Vortex

You will experience a lurking feeling in your stomach as you hold on tight in this whirlwind frightening experience. [Read More]