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Reviews of Fright Fest

Six Flags Fright Fest is an underworld phenomenon! Actual guests, monsters and ghouls from around the world share their experiences at Atlanta's most popular Halloween event.
“Fright Fest is my favorite event! So many of my friends are already zombies that finding fresh brains can be a chore. Fright Fest lets me have a great time with my friends and hunt and and devour new ones. Thank you Six Flags!” -Fred (a zombie)
“I love to be terrified…but it is so hard to find good quality terror in my daily life, and when I start screaming at work or at the grocery store people just get mad. At Fright Fest there is plenty to terrify me and I can scream as much as I want! The actual threat of peril is just an added bonus. Thank you Six Flags!” – George
“I used to be just like everyone else — visiting the mall, buying gas, going to the park. Since Fright Fest I’m a changed man! Now I never leave the house. I keep the lights on all of the time, and I’m pretty much afraid to open my refrigerator. My life used to be boring — but now I’m in a constant state of terror all the time. Thank you Six Flags!” – Steve
“My friends and I work hard at school, so when we’re done with our homework we just want to have fun. What we love to do most is suck other people’s blood, and there is no better place to do it than at Fright Fest. Everyone is so friendly and frightened! Thank you Six Flags!” – John (a young vampire)
“I just about lost it when I heard the screaming. I was sure my ears were bleeding. I couldn’t focus. I was a complete mess. Thinking about it now, I can’t believe it all really happened.” – Todd
“My boyfriend showed his true character. He started screaming like a little girl. He saw that woman get eaten by that hairy thing and he just couldn’t handle it. Sure, it was awful, but thank you for saving me from what could have been my future.” – Annie
“It’s hard to find a good scream these days. I’ve tried all of the other haunted attractions, but none of them gave me the thrill of terrorizing senior citizens that I got from Fright Fest. Thank you Six Flags!” – Jennifer
“I just have to recommend the fried lady fingers. I know fried foods aren’t good for you, but I’m always eating fingers uncooked, and every once in a while I like to splurge. Thank you Six Flags! ” – Katie
“I know most people are here for the haunted houses — but I love the shows! The singing and dancing ghosts and ghouls are a real hoot…can’t find anything like that around my cemetery Thank you Six Flags!” – Bob
“This was the absolutely the craziest Fright Fest ever. I must have died or been eaten at least five different times. Thank you Six Flags!” – Howard