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Fearful Frights


Cirkus Berzerkus

Fright Pass Required

Pay a visit to this chaotic, black light city where murderous clowns run rampant in the moonlight. Praying on the darkest fears of its victims, the clowns always know where they can find you. [Read More]


Cadaver Hall Asylum

Fright Pass Required

Enjoy a nighttime tour of Cadaver Hall Asylum for the Mentally Insane – originally known for its innovative methods and techniques but now only remembered for the night in 1961 when a young girl’s forced lobotomy turned deadly. [Read More]


Piggy’s Blood Shed

Fright Pass Required

This long forgotten roadside attraction along Route 666 is now open and under new ownership. But be leery travelers, you may find yourself at as the next blue plate special on Piggy's menu. Stop in to Piggy's Blood Shed... ... [Read More]


Total Darkness

Fright Pass Required

Presented by DOVE® Chocolate
Fright awaits you at every corridor, whether it is real or your imagination is what you must decide. Total Darkness face you fears of things that go “Bump in the Night”! [Read More]


Zombie Infestation

Fright Pass Required

Presented by 3 MUSKETEERS®
The myth of the zombie apocalypse has come to fruition and no one is safe! [Read More]


Texas Scare-a-tory

The once feared, murderous desperadoes of the lawless west were unceremoniously sent to their final resting place in Boot Hill. [Read More]


Voodoo Swamp

Presented by SNICKERS®
The original zombie myth came to life in the swamps and bayous of New Orleans decades ago and they consisted of the voodoo witch doctors and priestess’ of mystic cults. [Read More]



Welcome to Arania’s Nightmare

Presented byGöt2b®
The Black Widow Bride is on an Arlington manhunt for Husband Number 14. It seems the other 13 have all met with mysterious ends. The search takes place on the evening of the reading of Husband ... [Read More]



Fright Pass Required

Presented by M&M’S®;
MTV has got nothing on our own Howl-o-ween top 10 countdown. Jaxx, Gash, Vixen, Lotus, Scarlet and Ransom perform music by Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Run DMC, Styx, Kelly Clarkson, Skillet, Kiss, ... [Read More]


Dr. Fright’s Final Freakout

Dr. Fright gets the house-a-rockin’ with a closing spectacular featuring music from the Disco Divas and Funk Bands of the 80s. Top this off with special effects, and a cast of zombies and you’re sure to be dancing in the ... [Read More]


WBAT Final Challenge

Presented by MILKY WAY®
Watch as 3 not-so-lucky contestants compete in the most shocking games to win spooktacular prizes! [Read More]

Spine-Chilling Adventures


SUPERMAN: Tower of Power

The greatest scientific minds in Arlington have gone mad trying to understand the deadly and befuddling mystery hidden deep within one of the most scariest and brain melting drop towers in the world. [Read More]


Runaway Mine Train of Terror

The Runaway Mine Train used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in the south until a terrible incident that caused hundreds of men to disappear. The old track has been closed for years, but we're pleased to ... [Read More]


El Aserradero de Bichos

El Aserradero has become home to millions of man-eating insects who have a particular craving for young flesh. Young skin – once smooth – bubbles, crusts and erupts with sores that itch, ooze, and contaminate. [Read More]


The Titan Witch

Beneath Titan lies the remains of a witch who destroyed a thriving town and left a terrible curse for anyone who dares to set foot on the property. [Read More]


Pandemonium Labs

A failed park lab experiment has resulted in thousands of cuddly white rats developing an insatiable taste for human flesh (especially teens). [Read More]


Conquistador Orc Chefs

There is a nest of Orc chefs living beneath Conquistador. The delectable culinary creations they create from for our park guests make for fine eating. [Read More]


Chaparral Antique Zombie Cars

Beneath the track of the antique cars rests an ancient zombie burial ground. Inert until recently, the thousand year old zombies seek to expand their ranks while enjoying a feast of young brains. [Read More]