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The Awakening

Bring your fright to the next level as the creatures of the night rise in our ALL NEW show: The Awakening!

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Dead Man’s Party

You’re invited to the creepiest party of your life: ALL NEW show Dead Man’s Party will take you from fun to fright all in one night!

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Rise of the Occult: A Stunt Massacre

When the door of the spirit world is open, all kinds of mysteries are unleashed. Our international award winning stunt team presents the ALL NEW show Rise of the Occult: A Stunt Massacre!

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The park is family-friendly by day, but we turn up the terror at dusk! Fright Fest at night is not recommended for children under 13 or anyone who scares easily.

Plan Your Trip

Don’t come to Fright Fest unprepared — it’s not for the faint of heart. Find the details you need for planning your trip, then plan your escape.

Saturday, September 24   Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday, September 25   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 1   Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 2   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 8   Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 9   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 15   Noon to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 16   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Friday, October 21   5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 22   Noon to 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 23   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Friday, October 28   5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 29   Noon to 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 30   Noon to 9:00 p.m.
Monday, October 31   5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Keep these directions handy, you’ll need them. Fear is a destabilizing emotion. Memory is impaired. Confusion is common. Objects appear closer than they really are.

Our address is:
Six Flags America
13710 Central Avenue
Bowie/ Mitchellville, MD 20721

Whatever direction you’re coming from, Six Flags America has never been so terrifying.

Spare your loved ones! Don’t bring them with you. Follow I-95 North to the I-95/395/495 interchange. Continue on I-95 North towards Baltimore. Cross the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Maryland, continuing on I-95 North. Take Exit 15A, Central Avenue East. Six Flags America is located approximately five miles from the exit, on the left.

Take Route 50 West to Route 301 South. Follow Route 301 South for approximately five miles. Exit onto Route 214 West, Central Avenue. Six Flags America is located approximately three miles from the exit, on the right. When you see the road sign, “Caution: Hazard Ahead,” believe it.

Take I-695 to Exit 4, I-97 South. Follow I-97 South to Exit 7, Route 3 South towards Crofton/Bowie. Keep the radio on for emergency bulletins. Route 3 becomes Route 301 South at the Route 50 intersection. Stay on Route 301 South for approximately five miles. Exit onto Route 214 West, Central Avenue. Six Flags America is located on Central Avenue, approximately three miles from the exit, on the right.

This is so much scarier than what goes on in Congress. Take I-495 to exit 15A, Central Avenue East. Six Flags America is located approximately five miles from the exit, on the left.

Take I-81 South to I-70 East, towards Frederick. Stay on I-70 East for about 22 miles. Watch out for flying cows. Take Exit 53 to I-270 South. Bear right on the ramp, and continue on I-270 for about 32 miles to I-495 East. Take Exit 15A, Route 214 East, Central Avenue. Six Flags America is located approximately five miles from the exit, on the left.

This is no peppermint patty! Take I-83 South to I-76/York/Baltimore/Pennsylvania Turnpike. Continue on I-83 South for about 65 miles. You will see a sign reading “I-695 W to I-83/BALTIMORE”. Continue onto I-695 (Baltimore Beltway Outer Loop) to Exit 4, I-97 South. Take I-97 South to Exit 7, Route 3 South towards Crofton/Bowie. Route 3 will become Route 301 South at the Route 50 intersection. Remain on Route 301 South for approximately five miles. Exit onto Route 214 West, Central Avenue. Six Flags America is located on Central Avenue approximately three miles from the exit, on the right.

• 15 minutes from Washington, D.C. 15 minutes from Annapolis, MD
• 40 minutes from Baltimore, MD
• 30 minutes from Alexandria, VA
• 90 minutes from Wilmington, DE
• 90 minutes from York, PA
• 120 minutes from Harrisburg, PA
• 120 minutes from Carlisle, PA

Take Metro’s Blue Line to Largo Town Center. Transfer to the C22 bus. Avoid strangers offering Halloween candy. Exit in front of Six Flags America. Note that Metro operating hours vary. Visit for more information.

If, at any time, you find yourself at risk – or the thought of Fright Fest is too much to stomach – turn around. Return home, if you can. Better scared than sorry.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making the most of a day at Six Flags. These tips will help ensure that you have a fun and memorable experience.

  1. To check park operating hours, see our online calendar.
  2. Arrive early. The park opens at noon on weekends and there are lots of rides, shows, and attractions available during Thrills by Day.
  3.  Pick up a Fright Fest Guide at the Front Gate and plan your day. Don’t forget about our Trick-or-Treat Trail and hayride for kids.
  4. Fright by Night is not for young children. If you’re unsure how your kids will respond to Fright by Night, watch The Awakening at 6:15 p.m. to decide if you’ll stay for the nighttime events.
  5.  Visit Whistlestop Park and Movie Town early. Whistlestop Park closes at 6:00 p.m. and Looney TunesMovie Town closes at 8:00 p.m. during Fright Fest.
  6.  Buy your Extreme Scare Pass or Extreme Scare Fast Pass early. Save time and buy unlimited access to our six premium haunted attractions either online or right when you get to the park.
  7. Grab a seat early for the Monstertainment. Seats fill up early at our show venues. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before showtime for the best chance of scoring a seat.
  8. Save time by planning your agenda. Here are some tips: Terror Toy Shop and Twisted Fairytales 3D open at dusk. Voodoo Curse, Spider Outbreak and Aftermath open at dusk. Haunting of Hall Manor opens when it is completely dark.
  9. Avoid Season Pass Processing lines. Bring your passes to Guest Relations to renew. We’ll process your cards on the spot!
  10. Visit Fridays and Sundays for more Fright and less wait. The park is also open Fridays, October 16, 23 and 30 for Fright by Night ONLY (no Thrills by Day) from 5 p.m. to Midnight.
  11. Take advantage of all the new Fright Fest photo spots: Main Street Caskets, Pumpkin King in front of the Grand Theatre, Fright Fest Hearse in Apocalypse area and Mini Pumpkins in Looney Tunes Spooky Town
  12. Our ghouls work hard to scare you. We promise they won’t touch you, in return we require that guests respect the characters in the scare zones and the haunted attractions and not touch or taunt them in any way. Guests who chose to touch the ghouls or act inappropriately will be required to leave the park.
  13. Only kids 12 and under may wear a costume, no masks are permitted.
  14. There’s no re-entry after 7:00 p.m.
  15. Guest Dropoff and Pickup located in West Parking Lot.

For Guests Walking to/from the West Parking Lot — Follow directional signage and team member instruction when exiting the Main Gate, located to the immediate right of the exit gates. For dropoff and pickup guests will proceed to the pedestrian walkway which is well lit and supervised for an easy walk to the West Parking Lot or to the park.
To Dropoff or Pickup Guests at the Park — Enter the park via our West Gate entrance and follow the signs to our West Parking Lot for pickup and dropoff. The West Gate entrance is located directly across from Cameron Grove and is marked by a traffic light and signage.

We try to make the Fright Fest experience as confusing as possible to keep our guests in a terrorized, zombie-like state. However, for those who like to stare into the void, here are a few answers.

What are your operating hours?
For more information, see our operating calendar.

What are the current ticket prices?
We are pleased to offer a variety of gruesome ticket packages. See our tickets page for information and prices on nightly admission, season passes and other options.

Can I wear a costume or mask?
Only children 12 and under may wear a family friendly costume to the park. Masks are not permitted. While you may enjoy making fun of our ghosts, demons and zombies by dressing up like them, doing so is clearly insensitive to their feelings. They can’t help the way they look and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for even asking the question. Jokes aside — this is a safety issue. If you wear a costume or mask into the park our monsters will get confused and might accidentally start eating each other instead of you

Can I exit and re-enter the park?
Those who wish to attempt an escape to the parking lot, because you’re a total wimp and can’t take the scare factory, may do so until 7 p.m. by obtaining a hand stamp prior to exiting. All guests, including Season Pass holders, must obtain a hand stamp in order to renter the park or you’ll be left in the dark parking lot where we would hate for something to happen to you. In order to maintain proper ghoul feeding levels, no re-entry will be permitted past 7 p.m. sharp.

Are there any rides at Fright Fest that won’t scare me?
No. Well, maybe….nope that would scare you….possibly the..nope that’s pretty scary. Just be safe and bring an extra pair of underwear.

How many scary things happen during Fright Fest?
There is no way of knowing. Those who have tried to count were found in a corner, sobbing with fright.

I’m not afraid of Fright Fest. Is that okay?
Keep telling yourself that if it helps. The truth is something that will speak for itself.

Aren’t you making up all this Fright stuff?

Keep telling yourself that if it helps.

Are Zombies real?
That is the kind of question that is going to set you apart from the others and act as a magnet for everything you will wish you’d never met. Fortunately for you there are dozens of free roaming zombies at the park that would be more than happy to answer your question.

Which ride is the least scary?
The one to the park.

How long has Fright Fest been going on?
It’s like time; there was never a start. It has always been there. A better question is: when will it end?

Will Fright Fest scare my parents?
They’re already scared.

What kinds of food does the park have?
It depends: do you prefer to be fried, baked or just eaten raw?

Will my boyfriend or girlfriend be eaten?
It depends how full we are after we finish eating you.

Find out first-hand what guests have to say about Fright Fest…from some actual survivors

“During Fright Fest the amusement park adds an interactive spooky experience with actors throughout the park having fun with their scary roles, special horror walks and scare zones, and Halloween themed magic acts and plays. It’s a ton of fun!”
-Joselyn L., Washington, D.C.

“The park completely transforms into a haunted, ghoulish and fright filled adventure with fun for the whole family. Each part of the park has its own spooky theme including costumed characters and extreme decor. It is a must for any Halloween fan!”
-Odell F., Baltimore, Maryland

“Unique and very cool. The kids barn and hayride were awesome for the little ones. It’s great that it’s open during the day for younger kids and then becomes scary at night for older kids and adults. Very fun!”
-Brendan N., Dover, Delaware

“Fright Fest was awesome! There were five different haunted houses and they were all really well done!! It was my first time going and I was very impressed! Also it was neat to ride the rides at dusk/night.”
-Ryan B., Bel Air, Maryland

“It’s a fun experience for the whole family. You can ride the rides at night and have a few ghostly encounters along the way. You can also enjoy some of their haunted shows and spooky attractions.”
-Maria G., Woodmore, Maryland

“Six Flags is great, but during Fright Fest things really get good after dark. The best part is definitely the costumed actors that spread across the park after The Awakening ceremony.”
-Whitney H., Baltimore, Maryland






Only the bravest of souls dare to enter our haunted houses. You’ll be blindsided by darkness as you find your way through the labyrinth while being hunted — never knowing what is lurking around the next corner.  Are you ready to face your worst fears?

  • Requires Additional Fee


    Earth. 2021. Our world is OVER with the mass destruction of all that existed. Was it Zombies?  Only you have survived!

    The rubble, the chaos, this is the new future of plant Earth. A horrific wasteland filled with zombies, half humans, a truly terrifying existence. Here in this walk-through maze you’ll experience the future after mankind has come to an end.

    Those who perished in the apocalypse are the lucky ones. You are the last hope, the last survivor, can you make it through the Aftermath?

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Spider Outbreak

    Eight legs. Furry. Crawling. Spinning. Sticky. Trapped. All excellent words to describe this haunted spider attraction.

    Just when you think you are safe from the ultimate creepy crawler, they come from everywhere and consume everything. These eight legged crawlers will make your skin bubble and your eyes water in fright. Do you have the guts to traverse their lair? Beware! Don’t get caught in their web, but if you do, try not to make too much movement. The more you struggle, the quicker they’ll find you, then it will only be a matter of time before they begin their spinning and feasting.

    The fear is real, the spiders are here, the outbreak is now. Claw your way through the spider’s lair or become their prey.

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Terror Toy Shop

    He knows when you are sleeping and awake; who is naughty and who is nice. This year no one is safe from Santa Claws’ reign of terror.

    Something has gone terribly wrong in the North Pole, as Santa’s Terror Toy Shop begins to unleash the horrors behind the Holiday season. Elves work tirelessly to bring Mr. Claw’s vision of Terror to a demented level.

    Everyone will quake with fear as these toys are meant to bring destruction and tribulation to all on Christmas Eve. Witness the horror of the tormented terror within, as these Teddy Bears are not filled with fluff, but blood and gore. Dolls fragmented faces will haunt your dreams.  And you will not feast on delicious gingerbread men, but they will feast on you. Can you survive our haunted maze, Terror Toy Shop? Santa Claws is ready to unleash the terror when you least expect it, and this Christmas, you may not survive!

  • Requires Additional Fee

    The Haunting of Hall Manor

    Meet the real ghost of Six Flags America, Eleanor,in this haunted backwoods trail.

    Hall Manor sits on Six Flags America’s property and has been abandon for centuries, except for the ghost Eleanor, who haunts the park and surrounding area. Eleanor tragically died on her birthday while playing at Hall Manor in the late 1800’s. She was buried next to her home and her grave still resides on Six Flags America’s land.

    The Haunting of Hall Manor is a wooded trail around the house where Eleanor lived. As you creep along the trail you’ll feel the hair rising on the back of your neck as if someone is watching you. Revel in the chill as it tingles through your body knowing Eleanor is waiting to greet you as you tour the ruined ground of Hall Manor.

    Beware, Eleanor is not the sweet girl she used to be, mysterious creepy things occur when she is near. Music from her music box plays erratically, vengeful spirits pop out of the shadows, unexplainable noises are heard like muffled cries for help, a girl’s whispering giggle, loud thumping and shrieks of terror echo down this twisted trail.

    As you walk through the terrorizing, wooded trail around Hall Manor, you’ll likely come face-to-face with Eleanor herself. Can you escape the eerie twists, shuddering surprises, and trembling terrors around every turn on The Haunting of Hall Manor?

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Twisted Fairy Tales 3D Haunted House

    Enter this twisted 3D maze with your favorite fairy tale characters ready to thrill you!

    As soon as you put on 3D glasses and enter Twisted Fairy Tales Haunted House, the happy fairy tales of childhood will disappear. Alice in Wonderland, Little Miss Muffet, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & the Bean Stalk, Captain Hook and many other classic fairy tales will be twisted into a bloody horror.

    Alice in Wonderland feasting on the White Rabbit, Miss Muffet is not afraid of big ugly spiders and Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little or scared of the big, bad wolf! Around every turn, in every corner magical horrific creatures linger waiting for their next victim.

    Just when you thought you know all your favorite fairy tales, we open your eyes with our magical 3D glasses and reveal the reality of this magical horror.

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Voodoo Curse

    Welcome to the home of the Voodoo Queen. Enter into this walk-through maze if you dare.

    An innocent Mardi Gras party has gone horribly wrong in the Voodoo Queen’s home and now she seeks her revenge on all who enter her home. It looks safe enough, just a simple room with a quaint fire place – is that a caged rate, a shrunken head. You’ll shake with fear as enter the Voodoo Queen’s room. Here she will read your future in the blood and bones of the dead, can you pay the price? It’s only your soul.

    As you turn to run you stumble into her catacombs, walls that have enclosed the living and now their skeletons reach out to grab you! Just when you think you’ve made it outside into the garden you’re sucked into the final thrill – the massacre ball. The Voodoo Queen saves the most terrifying fright for last as you enter the ballroom – filled with demented jester, deformed beauties and so much more.

    Can you survive the curse of the Voodoo Queen?

Scare Zones



As you walk throughout the park, be prepared as you enter the next scare zone. You’re just trying to pass through, to get to the next ride or maze, but NO! First you must come face to face with elusive bloody-thirsty creatures as they hunt down their next victims. Hopefully you’ll make it through to tell the tale!




Our Fright Fest shows will leave you howling for more.

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Dead Man's Party

Dead Man’s Party will rock the dead and the living with the hippest Halloween music and hottest choreography!

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Rise of the Occult: A Stunt Massacre

When the door of the spirit world is open, all kinds of mysteries are unleashed. Our international award winning stunt team presents the ALL NEW show Rise of the Occult: A Stunt Massacre!

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Stage Fright starring Joe Romano

Back to shock and wow the guests of Six Flags America in the spectacular magic show: Joe Romano!

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The Awakening

When Fright Fest tumbles into Fright By Night, the original demon will be unleashed!

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These Rides Show No Mercy

Six Flags is known for pulse-pounding coasters that deliver intense thrills all season, but these rides ramp up the fear during Fright Fest.

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Dinner with a Ghoul


Park admission plus entry to a themed buffet dinner with the dead. Valid October 15, 22, and 29.

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