NEW FOR 2016


Our exciting line-up of new haunted attractions includes two new scare zones, the largest outdoor maze in the Park’s history, and an additional Fright Fest weekend beginning September 17!

SUICIDE SQUAD: Six Flags Fright Fest Experience

This year’s stunning new scare zone will transform the Park’s DC UNIVERSE area into DC’ Midway City, where some of the “Worst Heroes Ever” from the film Suicide Squad will be roaming the streets.

Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising


Chaos reigns as renegades threaten to overtake the city and release a deadly virus in the largest outdoor maze in the park’s history.



The park is family-friendly by day, but we turn up the terror at dusk! Fright Fest at night is not recommended for children under 13 or anyone who scares easily.

Plan Your Trip

Don’t visit Fright Fest unprepared — it’s not for the faint of heart. Find the details you need for planning your trip, then plan your escape.

Saturday, September 17   10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Sunday, September 18   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 24   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday, September 25   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, September 30   10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Saturday, October 1   10:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Sunday, October 2   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, October 7   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Saturday, October 8   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday, October 9   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, October 14   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Saturday, October 15   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday, October 16   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, October 21   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Saturday, October 22   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday, October 23   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Friday, October 28   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Saturday, October 29   10:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Sunday, October 30   10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Our address is:
Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355


Metro Red Line – North Hollywood 757 Express route:
From Downtown Los Angeles, take the Metro Red Line to the North Hollywood Station. Then take the North Hollywood 757 Express bus to the McBean Regional Transit Station (MRTC). From there connect to a Santa Clarita Transit routes 3 & 7 to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Metrolink train:
From Union Station Downtown Los Angeles, take the Metro Link train (Antelope Valley Line) to the Newhall Station. From there take either Santa Clarita Transit route 1 & 2 or 4 & 14 to the McBean Regional Transit Station (MRTC). Both lines service the Newhall Station every 15 minutes. From the MRTC, transfer onto a route 3 & 7 directly to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Note: City of Santa Clarita Transit will honor Metrolink fare ticket when the origin/ destination pair includes the trip to be taken on the bus.

For more details on bus schedules and fares please visit or call (661) 294-1BUS.

Over the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about making the most of a day at Six Flags. These tips will help ensure that you have a fun and memorable experience.
  1. To check park operating hours, call us at (666) 666-6666. Our staff of demons is dying to alert you of the extended operating schedule.   Don’t hang up on them, they will *69 you while you sleep. Or you can always check our online calendar.
  2.  If you insist on visiting on days when the park is closed, we will have to insist that you stay as dinner.
  3. Bring a jacket or sweatshirt for the cool evenings.  We wouldn’t want you to catch a cold and infect our monsters.  You can store it during the day in one of the lockers located in the small dark shed behind the food stand closest to Guest Services and Apocalypse.
  4. Start your day at attractions farthest from the exits. Your best bet for a good time is to stay as far away from the exits as possible. Bad things happen at the exits. Good things happen in remote locations deep within the park.
  5. Clowns smile right before they get you.  Spiders don’t.
  6. Review the park map and guide.  You may think you know where everything is, but you don’t.  We rearrange everything all the time, just to make it more fun for us.
  7. If you get lost looking for the shed behind the food stand closest to Guest Services and Apocalypse, we will eat you.
  8. There are plenty of places to get that one final selfie.  Our deadly photo bombers roam the park nightly.
  9. No need to feed the monsters — they’ll eat you on the run.
  10. Please enable the location tag for your Instagram photos….it helps the zombies find you faster.
  11. Fright Fest Survivor pickup.  Zombies will be chasing survivors toward the exit at 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays, and 11 p.m. on Sundays.  Brains must be surrendered upon exit.
  12. Expect to hear lots and lots of screaming. If you hear any of it coming from the shed located behind the food stand closest to Guest Services and Apocalypse, don’t worry.  It probably just means that someone is being safe.

Just be prepared to SCREAM BIGGER.

We try to make the Fright Fest experience as confusing as possible to keep our guests in a terrorized, zombie-like state. However, for those who like to stare into the void, here are a few answers.

What are your operating hours?
For more information, see our operating calendar.

What are the current ticket prices?
We are pleased to offer a variety of gruesome ticket packages. See our tickets page for information and prices on nightly admission, season passes and other options.

Are there any rides at Fright Fest that won’t scare me?

How many scary things happen during Fright Fest?
There is no way of knowing. Those who have tried to count were found in a corner, sobbing with fright.

I’m not afraid of Fright Fest. Is that okay?
Keep telling yourself that if it helps. The truth is something that will speak for itself.

Aren’t you making up all this Fright stuff?
Keep telling yourself that if it helps.

Can I wear a costume or mask?
No. While you may enjoy making fun of our ghosts, demons and zombies by dressing up like them, doing so is clearly insensitive to their feelings. They can’t help the way they look and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for even asking the question. Jokes aside — this is a safety issue. If you wear a costume or mask into the park our monsters will get confused and might accidentally start eating each other instead of you.

Are Zombies real?
That is the kind of question that is going to set you apart from the others and act as a magnet for everything you will wish you’d never met. Fortunately for you there are dozens of free roaming zombies at the park would would be more than happy to answer your question.

Which ride is the least scary?
The one to the park.

How long has Fright Fest been going on?
It’s like time; there was never a start. It has always been there. A better question is: when will it end?

Will Fright Fest scare my parents?
They’re already scared.

What kinds of food does the park have?
It depends: do you prefer to be fried, baked or just eaten raw?

Will my boyfriend or girlfriend be eaten?
It depends how full we are after we finish eating you.

Find out first-hand what guests have to say about Fright Fest…from some actual survivors

“At 7 they turn on the fire and fog machines and the monsters come out. They even have a rave section with a live—or should I say undead—DJ. I really loved the twisted circus they had too. ”
-Alecia U., Anaheim, California

“Fright Fest is a fantastic Halloween-themed event held at Six Flags. I like the mazes, music, and costumed characters within the park.”
-Marco W., Los Angeles, California

“Halloween season is a great time to visit the park. The rides are wonderful during the day as usual, and the creepy crawlies come out at night for a frightening, fun, and different Six Flags experience.”
-Agatha V., Calabasas, California

“A really fun time with spooky mazes and fog with fun themes in each of the scare zones”
-Michael P., Bakersfield, California

“A whole night of being scared out of your wits by people in frankly terrifying costumes. You’ll be on edge the whole time, but in the best way possible. It’s a lot of fun.”
-Francesca H., Los Angeles, California

“Rollercoasters in total darkness together with haunted houses late at night? It’s the greatest thing ever.”
-Marvin J., San Diego, California




Only the bravest of souls dare to enter our haunted mazes. You’ll be blindsided by darkness as you find your way through the labyrinth while being hunted — never knowing what is lurking around the next corner. Are you ready to face your worst fears?

  • Requires Additional Fee

    NEW! Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising


    Chaos reigns as renegades threaten to overtake the city and release a deadly virus …

    In the aftermath of a recent cataclysm, the region is overpopulated and under-resourced.  A Renegade Faction is currently trying to take control of the city. Rumors abound that the Renegades plan to destroy the Bio-Containment Center.  If they are successful, the Renegades will release an ancient parasitic virus and contaminate the local populace and allow them to overtake the city and the already infected patients may also be set free.

    Will you survive Aftermath 2: Chaos Rising, the park’s largest outdoor maze ever built?

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Willoughby’s Resurrected

    There’s hair raising terror around each nightmarish turn and dreadful screams down the long twisting hallways.

    The manor on Sky Tower Lane was the largest house on the block, but it was very run down. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby, had not been seen in years and the mansion never had visitors. Extended family members had hopes of renovating the abandoned property to make it beautiful to sell. Groundsmen and construction workers began visiting the house to make repairs but would never be seen again. Are you able to find the missing Willoughby family?

    As you roam the house for clues, beware when the lights begin to flicker. If you see any flashes bright light or feel the breath of cold air on your neck, you will know the Willoughby Mansion’s evil spirits have been resurrected!

    Now, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, it’s your turn to tour the classic mansion and explore the unfinished renovation for yourself. Find your way out…the Willoughbys love it when you try to escape.

    View Video

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Willoughby’s Garden of Darkness

    Dare to roam the haunted gardens of the Willoughby family. This dense labyrinth of man eating plants and evil apparitions is no playground for the faint of heart.

    One quiet evening Innocence Willoughby was watching late night TV when it suddenly flashed off. She realized the old tube had accidentally tripped a circuit breaker.

    She went out back to the yard to flip the power back on. As she made her way across the garden to the electrical box located on the back patio, she felt something slowly crawling up her leg. She screamed and possessed poison ivy and devilish critters bit into her skin and began to suck her blood. She shrieked in pain as the poison burned her body. The infection led to her heart and left her lying dead in garden shadows.

    Unknown to Innocence, man-eating plants had taken over the Willoughby garden after her death, along with hundreds of blood-thirsty critters hiding in the darkness … all waiting to attack those who linger too close.

    This is not a playground for the faint of heart. Please keep your children close at hand as Innocence, the youngest Willoughby, is always looking for a playmate.

    View Video

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Red’s Revenge

    Over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go.

    The park now stands where a wooded forest once thrived, during a time when fairy tales were more that stories, but more like reality. And within the forest one would find a village of hard working people who kept quietly to themselves and hidden from the outside world. The wisest elder of the village predicted the village could be plagued by an evil force and to prevent it, they should all be wary of outsiders. The villagers heeded the advice of their elder, and shunned all those that would pass by their village.

    One dark and stormy night, Little Red Riding Hood was running through the forest trying to escape the thunderous growls of a wild beast she had stumbled upon while on her way to visit her grandmother. Crying frantically, she banged on the villagers doors and windows. She ran from door to door begging for help, and no one came to her aid.   With one last gasp, she tried to break a window. It was too late. Teeth filled her neck and at the same moment, her guts were flowing onto the ground, staining her picnic basket. By morning, the storm had washed away the blood stains, and the beast had finished off her body.

    Tonight is the night for Red’s Revenge!

    View Video

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Vault 666

    If you dare to enter, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Unknown animal like screams have been heard deep within the unsecured vault.

    A lovely couple owned a hardware store in a small town just 30 minutes north of Los Angeles. They had the sweetest, smartest child, but rumor had it the little one was mentally unbalanced due to being harassed by classmates. The family hardware store was located on a secluded street around the corner from the school. Many parents would send their kids to buy small nick-knacks on their way home.

    As kids around town suddenly started disappearing, residents began to suspect the couple. Police bust down the door and headed to the back storage room, where they saw the most gruesome sight. He opened the door and found lifeless heads and bodies, some detached, hanging from the ceiling. In the shadows, a figure was just about to saw off the head of the most recent missing person!

    Some try their hardest to get out…. but it always was too late. Will you escape Vault 666?

    View Video

  • Requires Additional Fee

    Toyz of Terror 3D

    This defunct toy factory is now haunted by a chilling turn of events that took place when the admired inventor went psychotic, adding demented spirits to his beloved toys.

    After getting fired from the factory, the inventor craved revenge on anyone still having fun with toys. He was going to prove that the toy factory would be a complete disaster without him and his amazing creations. During the next tour of the toy factory, he made his move. Just as the tour guide was finishing his round, the lights flickered and came crashing down to the ground, crushing the tour guide. The whole factory went pitch dark. A creepy laugh came over the sound system and the inventor announced that the factory’s guests were about to have the “fright of their life.” He used a glow toy to scope out the area and found that all the guests lied dead in a puddle of blood. Wicked windups, freakish furries and deranged dolls had taken over the factory and their plastic spirits were full of evil and hatred towards humans.

    With the possessed toy’s devilish smirks glowing in the light, the toy factory owners raced for the exits, only to find that the factory had been locked shut. There was no way out. The demented inventor entered the room, picked up a jump rope and killed the owners and anyone in his way of getting revenge. After his murder spree, he escaped through a back exit and was never seen again.



    View Video

  • Requires Additional Fee


    Come face to face with this elusive blood-thirsty creature as it terrorizes a local Dia de los Muertos festival.

    The farmer was sleeping in his room when he was awaken by whimpering cries from the fields. The chickens squawked, the pigs snorted, and the cows expressed their most panicked moos. The farmer put on his boots and headed towards the barn to investigate the panic. When he passed the sheep’s pen, he stopped as the full moon lit up the sight in front of him. There, lying on the ground, were four dead sheep. They all had puncture wounds in their necks and had been drained of blood.

    The farmer turned to run towards the house to get his shotgun, but he froze when he saw the monster in front of him. It stood on two feet and its orange eyes glowed in the darkness. It leaped towards the farmer, extending its claw-like hands, and hissing as it bared its sharp blood-stained fangs. As he stood there, frozen and speechless, he could feel the monster’s warm foul breath on his face, and he saw the quills sticking up on the back of its gray neck. The farmer struggled to run away as he realized this was the legendary Chupacabra.

    Are you prepared for your encounter with the Chupacabra?

    View Video

Scare Zones



As you walk throughout the park, be prepared as you enter the next scare zone. You’re just trying to pass through, to get to the next ride or maze, but NO! First you must come face to face with elusive bloody-thirsty creatures as they hunt down their next victims. Hopefully you’ll make it through to tell the tale!




Our Fright Fest shows will leave you howling for more.

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Voodoo Nights

Honor the memories of all our beloved souls with spirited DJs, rockin’ go-go dancers, and a light display guaranteed to add a bit of delight to your fright.

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Prepare yourself for a spine tingling, edge-of-your-seat stage hypnosis show who will take volunteers from the audience on an intense journey of laughter, screams and thrills with the help of their subconscious minds.

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Thrill Capital of the World

Six Flags is known for pulse-pounding coasters that deliver intense thrills all year, but these rides ramp up the fear during Fright Fest in the DARK!

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